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 Our Vision.

We are proud that in the first ten years of its existence, the Southern Trust has distributed more than $162m to a diverse number of organizations in communities throughout New Zealand. We believe that in each and every one of the donations awarded, a real difference in the quality of life of the New Zealand community has been made. It is the philosophy of the Trust to ensure that we demonstrate a broad approach to funding our communities. We thank all the people who have contributed to making this a reality.

The Southern Trust is committed to:

  • Maximising the return to authorised purposes.
  • Employing high performing staff.
  • Operating efficiently.
  • Excellent fleet management.
  • Working in partnership with venue operators.
  • Providing benefit by ensuring grant funding is accessed by as many people and organisations as possible in local communities.

Our values and guiding principals

  • Engage high quality trustees.
  • Operate with honesty and integrity at all times.
  • To be accountable to our community.
  • To be a good employer.